Home- Marilynne Robinson

Marilynne Robinson’s novel, Home, is a quiet and gorgeous story about a father and his two grown children. Home is a companion novel to Gilead. The novel focuses on the Boughton family. The father, a former reverend, is elderly and a widower. The youngest daughter, Glory, moves back to small town Iowa to care for him and to escape a sad life in a big city. As the novel progresses, we meet the black sheep of the family, Jack Boughton, who returns to town after not seeing his family for twenty years.

I am a big Marilynne Robinson fan. I loved Gilead and her earlier novel, Housekeeping. This novel was not as great as the other two, but still so wonderful and I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite passages from the novel:

“He will talk to me a little while, too shy to tell me why he has come, and then he will thank me and leave, walking backward a few steps, thinking, Yes, the barn is still there, yes, the lilacs, even the pot of petunias. This was my father’s house. And I will think, He is young.

He cannot know that my whole life has come down to this moment.

That he has answered his father’s prayers.” (Robinson 325)917zducuv0l


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